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Maurizio Campolucci

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Driver: Maurizio (Maurice) Campolucci
Car Number: T/S 3513
Team Name: Stallion Motorsports,
Owner: Maurizio Campolucci , Stallion Motorsports Inc.
Car: 2007 Pontiac GTO
Engine: Kauffman Racing Equipment,Traditional Pontiac 535 Aluminum Block 16.3 to 1 compression Naturally Aspirated
Chassis: Rick Jones IHRA Pro Stock
Transmission: Abruzzi, Powerglide.
Fuel System: Pro Racing Fuel Unleaded Mark 5 II4 Octane equivalent to Q16.

Big news out of my camp is first that my son Michael Angelo set a world record in my 07 GTO. On Oct. 18 /09 at Grand Bend Motorplex he set the fastest Naturally Aspirated (N/A) pass with a traditional Pontiac motor in a door car. That pass was a 7.361 at 184.57mph which smashed the old mark of 7.39.

A great driving job was done by Michael Angelo on that pass and his driving ability is second to no one since taking over the drivers seat!

We encountered an lot of “gremlins” in the GTO throughout the 2009 season, I was never even thinking about breaking the record. I know this record was only possible because of the incredible support and assistance I received from my many sponsors and friends, The Kauffman Group of Company’s, (what a incredible amount of power they gave me), Pro Racing Fuels, which is the UNLEADED Racing Fuel that I have been using in my race cars since 1993 with incredible results, Ed Da Silva, of J & E (chassis ) Manufacturing and The Grand Bend Motorplex staff for their track prep and patience with us.

In 2 seasons and after 80 passes, when the motor was pulled apart for a freshen up the inside of the motor look like NEW.

Mitch Markusich is crew chief on the team, with Ed DaSilva, Greg and Joshua Ellis team members. Sponsors and racing partners include Kauffman Racing Equipment, Pro Racing Fuels, J&E Chassis Manufacturing, Eric Donovan Race Cars, Trimm Signs, Bolt-On Performance, Quinn Construction, Sierra Excavating Enterprises, and Albion Golf Cars. record reset, March/2010 to 7.30

Maurizio ( Maurice ) Campolucci
Stallion Motorsports Inc.
Phone; 416-580-1235

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