About Pro Racing Fuels

Our Mission

chemistAt PRO Racing Fuels, we are dedicated to providing racers with unleaded fuels that actually exceed the performance available from the best conventional leaded race fuels. Through an extensive research program by fuel chemists and automotive technicians, working in one of the world’s finest research laboratories, we were the first in North America to answer the demand for a lead free high octane racing fuel. We have since developed a line of seven unleaded racing fuels that meet the needs of racers in every kind of motor sport competition. The superiority of PRO Racing Fuels has been proven by race winners across the continent, time and time again.

We were the first in the field, and we will continue to work with racers to ease the transition to unleaded fuels and bring industry leading products.

  • PRO Racing Fuels require no changes to fuel system components;
  • PRO Racing Fuels contain no alcohol;
  • PRO Racing Fuels are consistent batch after batch.

Background Information:

When the Canadian Environmental Act came into force on December 1 1990, most racers took for granted that Canada’s Minister of the Environment (equivalent to Director of the EPA) would exempt fuel for racing, as had happened in the US. Ontario Competition Fuels (OCF) took it for granted, too… right up until the roof fell in.

For years, OCF had been familiar to racers as a supplier of racing fuels – including leaded race gas imported from the U.S. Then, one quiet afternoon in 1992, OCF was blitzed by agents from Environment Canada. By the time the raiders left, OCF owner Mitch Markusich was out of business, and potentially facing $200,000 in fines or six months in jail, for importing, possessing, and selling leaded race gas.

Markusich decided to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Leaving his lawyer to deal with the legal fight, Mitch contacted a fuel chemist with long experience, and launched a program to develop an unleaded racing gasoline. Astonishingly, they had positive results within two weeks.

The formulation, called PRO Racing Fuel, not only exhibited 109 octane, but also equaled or bettered the power output achieved with leaded race gas. Since then, OCF has kept pursuing ways to improve PRO Racing Fuel, sinking a small fortune into research and development. The result is a line of seven specially formulated unleaded racing fuels that produce power that actually surpasses competitive leaded race gas.

Markusich no longer faces jail – the charges against him were stayed – and the Minister did, in fact, introduce legislation to exempt race fuel from the lead ban.