Frequently Asked Questions

Will your fuel hurt my Street Car, Race Car or Hi-Performance Vehicle?

No. PRO Racing Fuels are perfectly safe to use in any gasoline engine. They will not impair the functioning of emission control systems, and will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. They can be fuelled directly into the car and produce more power.

What is the shelf life of your fuel?

Shelf life is several years, provided that the container is properly sealed.

My engine was designed to run on leaded fuel; would your fuel hurt or damage my motor?

No, a correctly selected grade of PRO Racing Fuel will not damage any gasoline engine. Note that engines are not “designed” to run on any specific fuel, any more than people are “designed” to eat any particular food. People need adequate nourishment, and engines need octane and erosion protection for exhaust valves and seats. PRO Racing Fuels provide both in a superior formulation.

Don’t I need to lubricate my valve train and rings?

No. PRO Racing Fuels contain a multifunctional lead substitute, which puts a tough lubricating film on combustion chamber components.

Will your fuel mix with other gasoline?

Yes, PRO Racing Fuels will mix with other brands of race fuel, or with pump gas, though this may dilute the performance quality of our fuel.

I run leaded fuel in my race car.

What do I have to change in my motor to start using your fuel?
Unless you have pre-1970 parts in your motor, no changes are necessary. For peak performance with carbureted engines, a slight enrichment may be advisable.

Everybody knows you need lead to make horsepower. What makes you think you can do it without using lead in your fuel?

“Everybody” used to believe the earth was flat! What you need to make power is a high heating value and high octane. Lead is a “shortcut” to high octane, but PRO Racing Fuels provide up to 116 octane without lead.

Is your fuel a Canadian product.

Yes, our fuel is blended in Canada.

How do I read my spark plugs?

This is a complex issue. We invite you to contact us by phone at 905-858-9320,
E-mail Us at:,
by mail at P.O. Box 594, Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA L5M 2C1.

Is there alcohol in your race fuel?


Why do you use plastic drums?

Plastic drums have a higher burst strength, and never rust.

Can I take your fuel across the border?

Yes. Fuel can be transported either way across the Canada/U.S. border; our containers are all UN, Hazmat and Transport Canada approved.

Is your fuel safe for use in two-stroke (two-cycle) engines?

Yes. Not only is it safe, you will make more power. Also, if your engine has reed valves, they should last longer.